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What to do when you have low ceilings?

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

So you have low ceilings? They may be built in rooms under the house that have lower ceilings or for some reason they were built with lower than normal ceilings... we are talking around 50-200mm above your door trim... thats pretty low. How do you take away the feeling of really really low ceilings? Will your buyers walk in and instantly recognize a low ceiling? YES... but if you follow the tips below that I put into will be delighted how it doesn't even become an issue!

Grace Home Staging can help with low ceilings.
Before with very low celings just above door frame

Firstly the most important thing you do is stage, stage, stage these rooms. I cannot tell you enough how important this is. If you have a large space but the ceilings fall in on you, you must stage with gorgeous furniture, and create a lovely space. Dress the beds in gorgeous luxury bedding, add emotional nick nacks, that tell a story, hang pictures and mirrors about 300 below celing hight. With living areas, keep the emotions going, add a half finished jigsaw puzzle on the coffe table, make sure you have wonderful inviting cushions on a lovely sofa, and use

soft colour palets, nothing too bright, soft and subtle, but a few touches or splashes of colour are fine with a very light and neutral background colour scheme. Paint the walls a light colour, keep the ceiling as light as possilbe, and don't accentuate the trims, keep everything light and the same colour. Flooring keep as light as possible... add rugs to ground your furniture. Take your curtains to the top of the ceiling, and in alot of cases thats about the top of the door or window trim anyway, right?! I would take any heavy curtains down and replace with light white sheer curtains, with a white venetion or roller blind behind if needed for privacy, but rolled up out of the way during the day and open homes. I staged a property that had exactly that... very low ceilings, and once staged and the above tips in place, you did not even think or notice how low they were, until it was empty again, and my stylist friend and I truly noticed the difference again, once the furniture was taken out... So don't make the mistake of not staging these rooms, it is a must! Every emotion and thought your prospective buyer has, takes them either away or towards buying your home. Dont' give any reason for negativity in your home. Call us to discuss how we can help!

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