Hi my name is Emma Grace.  My passion is to help you stage and style your home, ready for sale or rental.  I do this by creating a beautfiul space that tells a story and invites a feeling of luxury, peace and beauty,  I truly do care about the small details, and so do your prospective buyers!  My goal is to have  your home looking amazingly gorgeous, getting more prospective buyers to your open home.  Research shows a 90% more chance of selling your home quickly when you invest in staging.  The money invested is generally 0.5 % - 1% of your asking price, AND can be way less than your first price drop if you didn't stage.  Research shows more than 300% R.O.I. 

(return on investment) That is seriously good investing!

Luxury Home Staging works, and I believe it's in the small details that show how much I care about selling your home for top dollar and fast!

Grace Home Staging uses on trend furniture and decor,  creating  beautiful spaces that show your property is cared for and valued. We bring out the best features of your home, ready to be photographed, that creates an atmosphere guiding your buyer on a journey of falling inlove, one room at a time.  We work with Top Real Estate Agents, Property Flippers, Builders, Air BnB owners and Vendors directly.  Covering Northern Rivers NSW , Ballina, Byron Bay, Bangalow, Lismore, Lennox Heads, Mullumbimby, Casurina, Ocean Shores, and everywhere in between.


The Services we offer...

1.  Full Luxury Staging Hire Proposal.  We work with superior on trend  interior looks and will put together a package to reflect the style, market and prospective buyer demographics.  Prices can be between 0.5% - 1% of your asking price for a six week programme.  Includes delivery, styling and full design service.  Please note our service is unique and we may take several days getting your property ready.  

2.  Interior Redesign package, (great for air bnb properties) and is perfect if you would just like us to come to your home and work with what you have.  Perfect if you know what your want, but just need a second pair of eyes and interior advice.  We do a half - full staging day working with your furniture, home wares and accessories. And if needed we can hire or shop for additional items to make sure we create the perfect amazing look!  Prices start from $500 half day 

3. Online Home Staging Consultation, using zoom.  Book a 90 minutezoom call where we give  Invaluble information, guidance and advice. We do a walk through of each room,with you as you video, including an outside tour, discussing what you can do for you in each area. We show you how to work with what you have and if needed, guide you to what items you will need to buy or hire.  Price $250 (online)

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4.  If you need help with simple renovations, painting, exterior clean ups, interior cleaning, decluttering, storage and more...we are here to help, co ordinate and Project Manage.  Our desire is to help as much or as little as you need us to.  

Whatever your budget, we are here to help, and take ALL the stress out of getting your property "Market Ready" 

that will have you and your buyers, blown away!

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