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To bring your property to market looking fabulous, can take an extra amount of money you may not have at this point in time.  Don't let that hinder you.  We have a way to stage now and pay later.  

We can arrange for the cost of your styling to be delayed for up to 120 days, plenty of time to cover your campaign and settlement period. The application can be made in 3 minutes and is approved within 2 hours with no upfront or monthly payments.

Fees are as low as 3.45% (if paid prior to day 20 on a 60-day plan) and incrementally go up to 7.95% (full rate on a 120-day plan). On a styling package worth $3,000, the fee on a 60-day plan ranges from $103.50 (if paid by day 20) to $130.50. 0n a 90-day plan, from $133.50 (if paid by day 28) to $160.50. On a 120-day plan, from $150 (if paid by day 58) to $208.50.

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