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Does staging help me sell my home?

Looking at the basic question, the basic answer is yes. However, like any specialty service, there is bit more to it than meets the eye. Allow me to ask, if you had a choice between two cars, same price, exactly the same mileage, same motor, same year etc but one car was immaculate, polished and presented at a very top level inside and out, and the other, although not damaged, had a few mild scratches on the bumper, was not immacuately cleaned, and still had the owner's drink bottle and wrappers in the back seat... which car would you be more drawn to? Well, how about when you are looking to stay somewhere and you compare hotels, or air bnb rooms, within your budget, are you drawn to the better presented properties? So we believe, if someone is comparing your house with another house that is staged, it's simply human nature to be drawn to a nicely presented home, if you are comparing apples with apples. Below shows the first space, nice and tidy, but the 2nd two photos are the same space, but staged by a professional stager.

We would all like to have magazine ready interiors, but it simply is not the reality for the most everyday homes. Staged houses are not how people live, they are simply presented extra special. Stagers are unique in their ability to create an emotional feeling with the layout of furniture, colours and styles used. Emotional triggers to create instant buyer connections... So to answer the question, what pictures are you drawn to? The staged ones?

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